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This program has been made possible by the unique collaboration between a child psychologist and a yoga teacher.

Meet the founders.

Dr. Martine Roberge has been practicing for more than 19 years and is specialized in complex child and teenager presenting behavioral challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression and Anxiety.

I truly believe in the power of programs with a group of children to bring them therapeutic education. During the classes, children have the chance to learn a lot about themselves, experience different techniques issued from meditation, mindfulness, CBT therapy and yoga, make new friendships and having fun! POWERFUL YOUNG MINDS is made for those kids that worries too much and that need to discover their own powers & potential.



Dr. Martine Roberge, Child Psychologist in Ottawa

Dr. Martine Roberge, PhD

Child psychologist & Entrepreneur

Camille Champagne, Yoga Teacher in Ottawa

Camille has completed her professional yoga teacher training in 2016. She first discovered yoga eight years ago when she injured herself during a professional ballet camp. She then fell in love with the spirituality behind it and all the mental benefits of the practice. Her goal is to bring awareness, consciousness, calm and tranquility to the people that are willing to invite change.

It has been a very unique opportunity to get the chance to work with Dr. Roberge on the POWERFUL YOUNG MINDS program. Having myself struggled with anxiety during my childhood, I get the pleasure to help children that were once in my shoes. 

Camille Champagne, 200 RYT

Certified yoga teacher



Powerful Young Minds, program for children suffering from anxiety
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